Thursday, June 26, 2014

When Life Gets Tough the Tough Keep Loving

Its been a 'while' ;-} since my last post.  I've been goin' thru a rough spell and without doing a lot of whining lets just say that I haven't felt like creatively expressing myself.  When everything's rosy, I'm a babbling brook of inspiration and creative juices.  Some artists seem to thrive during dark times but not I.  

The one thing I am able to keep flowing in though, is Love.  When times are hard that's what I do.  I hold on to Love.  It becomes my plumb line of safety.  As long as I'm walking that line, I know that I'll make it out alright.

I keep myself as busy as possible helping others, being around friends and family, and sharing God's Love.  In doing this, sometimes my creativity has to make an appearance also and I count that a blessing, "Creative Blessings".

So, until I find my rose colored glasses (I truly lost my pair of Roxy, rose colored glasses) and feel that burst of Love inspiration, I'll be posting pictures here of things I've created or pictures I've taken and hope they might inspire someone to create.  Art can be a true expression of Love. 

And meanwhile, I'll be toughing it out in Love.