Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love is a Cheerleader!

I remember once as I sat in church to hear the testimonies of a group of youth that had returned from a misisions trip to a far away place.. They were all filled and inspired by the events and witness of the Holy Spirit that had assisted them in various ways throughout a recent trip abroad.   I, a parent of teenagers myself had sat there listening, judging them, wondering how long it would be before their testimonies of the Holy Spirit would turn to acts of self and selfishness...
I immediately felt the Holy Spirit in my own heart witnessing to me, how important it was that I not judge but lift up these youth in prayer and thanksgiving for the work the spirit had done in their lives, and agree with them for what the Spirit had put in motion...
How quick we are to bring down the work of the spirti in our own doubt and judgement!
Why can't we be cheerleaders?  LOVE is cheerleading!  How much stronger the work of The Holy Spirit when the saints agree!  
What a shame, when we as Christians look for the weaknesses in others rather than lift them up!!!  Lord forgive us for our own shortcomings as we search for the shortcomings in others!  Help us to be cheerleaders instead!   Help us Lord to speak Life into the lives of others.
That Sunday, I sat in church feeling convicted about my thoughts in regards to their testimonies of their mission trip.  The Holy Spirit encouraged me to agree with them and not to doubt the work in their lives regarding helping others. I decided that day to be their cheerleader and not a skeptic!  We need more cheerleaders and less skeptics!
Love is a cheerleader!  Love does not point out the weekness, it lifts up!  Love encourages!
Love covers, it does not expose weaknesses.   Love looks for the best in others, not the shortcomings.
Lord, help me to be a cheerleader, to lift up and encourage and NOT tear down your good works!
In Jesus' Name,


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  3. Okay, Lemme try this one more time. Today is Sunday, March 4th, and someone in church this morning gave a message about being a cheerleader. Then, I come home to read this. Now I'm going to make pom-poms.
    Love & Laughter, DJ