Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Means Giving Your Good Side

Each of us, especially ladies, know we have a good side or at least one side that is our best ;-]  Yes, I am speaking about our looks but also want to go a bit deeper than that.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I had a tooth pulled from the upper left side and have been planning to get a dental implant.  Complications have occurred which will mean that it will be about a year before I actually have a tooth in that missing spot!  I hate it!  
I am very self conscious about it, especially in a close setting, and I find myself holding back my laughter often and even my smile.   I love to laugh and smile!  And, we love to entertain and to go out with friends and family.  We've been going out a lot lately and I'm often in the position of choosing where I will sit and whom I will be sitting next to &/or in between.  
At first, I was tempted to seat my husband to my left as I know he loves me and he knows the tooth is missing and still adores me and loves me “no matter what” (part our wedding vows).  But I made a conscious decision to always give my husband my best side!  He deserves it because he does love me no matter what!  So, unless I forget, or I get my implant ;-]  he'll be on my right, my good side!

This was a relatively simple decision and an easy one to follow thru on.   But, this got me thinking too about other ways I need to give him my good side, my best behavior, and a loving attitude even if its not my inward reaction.  Lord knows he’s seen my bad side and he loves me anyway but I don’t want him to have to love me 'anyway', I want him to love me because he has nothing but my good side to look at always, both inside and out!
Its so weird that we take the very people we love the most and give them our worst so often.  Its because we take them for granted and know they will love us anyway but it should not be this way.  And interesting too is how often we find ourselves treating perfect strangers with kid gloves when we would scream at someone we love.  Certainly, I'm not suggesting a revearsal of behavior but that we should at least give our loved ones the same consideration if not more.
Who do you give your best side to?
I encourage each of you to try your best to always give your loved ones your good side.  Let them know just how special they are to you and show them nothing but your best!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. In a social setting, a teenager observed my hubby & I smiling then saying "please" & "thank you" to each other. She remarked, "Aw, you two are so sweet together." I thought it sad that it was seen as unusual for a couple to treat each other with common courtesy. Your post for Valentine's Day is a wonderful reminder to treat our loved ones well for the next generation's eyes, also.

  2. That's what we are called to do - to show and share the Love of Christ. There is so much darkness in this world that it really shines brightly when it occurs...