Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last night, at our church's Wednesday night Bible Club program, one of my students leaned his head upon my shoulder, as we were beginning our large group activities, and said "I love you."
This melted my heart! I turned to goo, a good goo ;-}
"I love you too..." I responded and it was truth.
I sat there basking in this gift from God. Reflecting...what had spurred this outpouring of Love? Just moments before, I had been sharing with a friend, during our meal (Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal) just how much I love these kids...
In fact, my main goal, in facilitating this 4th/5th grade group is to share God's Love with them, to be sure that no matter what else goes on during this short time each week, that they feel that love.
He felt it! And it welled up inside him and overflowed right back onto me! And I hope, to his family and friends as well.
The remainder of the evening, that Love spilled over my brim, my cup 'ranneth' over and poured out onto the rest of the class.

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