Friday, January 21, 2011

a Mother's Love

Yesterday, we learned that my daughter's stepson's mother had passed away.  He is 8 years old.  We are all so very saddened by this loss.  The part which grieves me most is this child's loss.  What a great and glorious gift is the love of a mother for her child.  What a huge loss for anyone, especially a child.  A mother is designed by God, to Love  her child unconditionally, to care for him and nurture him, no matter what!

I lost my own mother, to cancer, just 2 years ago and still find myself needing her, wanting to call her to share something or to just be loved on with that super-fantastic unconditional Love!  I sometimes find myself with tears of regret for not reciprocating that Love enough.  (a subject for another day)

I could not help but ponder these thoughts this morning as I was preparing the two 1/2 gallon bottles of milk for another child that lost it's mother, our baby calf, Florabelle.   Her mother died in childbirth just before Christmas and we have been bottle feeding her since.  My son, age 17, took on the responsibility of feeding her twice daily and loving on her as much as his time will allow.  I fix her morning bottles just to save him a little time for getting ready for school.  He does love the calf but is sometimes put out by the inconvenience of it all when he is late home and having to go out there in the dark and cold and often rainy blustery evenings. 

I, myself, have 4 children and I can still remember the "inconvenience" of it all.  And, how driven I was by LOVE thru every bit of it!  The nursing, the leaking breasts, the up-all-nighters, the colds, the flus, that went thru the entire family, one at a time.  The homework!!!  Arghhhh!  The homework!  (my least favorite motherly duty).

And all of you Mothers, you know, we'd do it all again and again in an instant!  I praise God for that extra overflowing dose of Love He's given to us for this glorious calling!   
I call on each of us now, to look out for those children who have suffered the loss of this Love and to Love all over them as much as humanly possible!

I pray for my daughter and her husband to be able to give this child an extra measure of Love and that God will pour His Love thru my daughter as she tries to fill that void in this child's life and also that I, as his "step-grandmother" will also be able to lavish him with God's LOVE!


  1. Love your blog! so inspiring thank you!

  2. Beautiful! I am in tears reading this... I miss Mama everyday!